Anyone who has lived long enough, or through tough economic times knows that the world is an uncertain place. Fortunes are made and lost. That is why today we see the über wealthy diversifying their wealth into tangible assets. Some of these assets are designed to generate wealth, others to preserve it. The best investments do both. Investors who purchase diamonds as part of a long-term safety strategy, have also seen great financial results. And the future looks even brighter. For the first time ever, DVDs offer you the opportunity to buy hand-selected, in-demand diamonds at Polished Trade Prices (PTP) — the same market price retailers pay us to purchase diamonds.

Better than bonds and T-bills. While bonds and T-bills are considered the default safety investment, they offer very low returns, and they are also dependent on governmental financial solvency. There is also lots of regulation and paperwork. When all is said and done, you are still holding paper rather than the physical possession of a hard asset, such as the DVD (diamond). DVD diamonds offer an unparalleled level of concentrated and portable, secure wealth.

Better than stocks We all know that stocks may offer a great return. You can watch the indexes go up and down, yet even when returns are great, you really only possess very public paper. A DVD diamond is something you physically possess in the palm of your hand.

Beyond crazy real estate fluctuations For many investors real estate looked like a great idea. But, as evidenced by the recent real estate bubble, even our homes are not immune from the ruthless fluctuation of this speculative market. True, real estate can provide a yearly income, but you need to manage it. Real estate is also highly regulated with taxes, permits and lots of fees attached. If anything goes wrong, how long can you hold on to it, and how can you realize its value quickly? Defined Value Diamonds (DVDs) are an asset you physically possess and they can easily be sold back through Van Zwam, or at other reputable firms anywhere in the world. They can also make a great gift or be set in jewelry.

More accessible and salable than art Investing in art may be hot nowadays, but let’s face it: with few exceptions, and unless you have hundreds of thousands of dollars to spend and a high knowledge base, most art is not an investment. Even then, art is subject to the whims and fashion of the times. Plus, art is fragile, not portable, highly visible, and requires expert care. According to the Financial Times in 2014, diamonds have performed second only to fine art. This year diamonds remain robust.

Even better than gold Along with diamonds, gold has been a historic global store of wealth and security. And because for a long time the value of gold has been easily defined, it has also been easy to trade. Yet, these very characteristics have made gold a difficult long-term proposition, because gold has lent itself to being highly speculated. In January 2010 the price of an ounce of gold was $1,100. By August 2011 gold prices hit a high of $1,900. On November 2015 gold had dropped to $1,060 per ounce and has since settled back to around $1,350 per ounce. If you bought gold in 2010 you’re almost back to where you started, and if any time later, you lost. The price of gold has been on a rollercoaster ride for quite some time now. Gold is also not very portable. Let’s face it, you can’t walk around or travel with a huge amount of gold coins or bullion in your pocket, or secure them in your closet. Gold is just too heavy, bulky, and not discreet. Now take a look at Defined Value Diamonds (DVDs). Diamonds have shown a steady, even price rise. DVDs take all the hard work out of investing in diamonds.


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