Brexit Shmeksit

Posted: 7/6/2016 by Sean Cohen

Blog_Image-600x394 Brexit ShmeksitOne again the “professional” financial world is in turmoil, last week it was the UK voting to leave the EU, and panic set in. In today’s world who knows what next month or next year will bring? I have said it before, but it bears repeating, ever since the “recession” of 2008 all the old rules are off. The smart money is seeking safe haven in tangible assets from diamonds, to art, to collector cars.

Do any so called financial “experts” really know what’s going on?
They are in their own words “betting” with other people’s money; sometimes a few of them even get it right. Last week its Brexit and the financial world is telling us is to expect volatility, which is a pretty open-ended statement. Next month they may tell us it’s not so bad and to bid the market up again, or they may say it’s worse and short-sell.

The traditional safe haven — gold — is in speculation once again
For how long no one can say, but it’s certainly a clear sign of concern. What we can all say for sure is that when the speculation ends the price of gold will fall once again, just as it always does.

Diamonds, DVD diamonds continue their steady inexorable slow, safe rise
Couples will still get engaged, and if less people get engaged this year, then less diamonds will be mined, a natural balance of supply and demand.

We never say put all your eggs in any one basket
However, why risk paper investments which clearly have a volatile road ahead and where any outcome is possible. How many trillions of dollars were wiped out over Brexit? Better then, consider putting some of your wealth where you have ultimate security. DVD diamonds. Wealth you physically possess, wealth that has stood the test of time in good times and bad.

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