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Posted: 8/11/2016 by Sean Cohen

shutterstock_244465780-600x406 In the News TodayBitcoin user accounts hacked
losing 36% of their money.

Delta airlines cancels all flights
due to a computer shutdown.

Electronic transactions are great,
efficient, and inexpensive.

However, does anyone truly think that the types of events listed in today’s news will never happen again. More likely, like all hacking, they may become more frequent and more devastating.

Electronic information, electronic data exchange and electronically controlled currency is efficient.
You can buy or sell with the click of a button. The problem is it’s likely someone else can too, and with your money.

So if its long-term savings and security, do you really want all those to be electronic.
Or is there realistically more peace of mind in something you physically possess, in the palm of your hand, with no fees for as long as you wish?

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