Each DVD diamond housed within all of our DVD Discs comes with two sets of third-party verification documents:

The GIA Grading Report

A Gemprint ID

The GIA does more than grade diamonds, they vet diamonds against any possible man-made treatment. In addition, the GIA issues only one report per diamond — ever. The Gemprint ID number identifies the diamond’s unique fingerprint and cross references the GIA report. The reports you receive for the diamonds in your Disc match the exact diamonds housed within.

Gemprint uses a non-invasive process whereby light is used to establish each diamonds unique fingerprint. As with human fingerprints, no two are exactly the same. With Gemprint, your DVD Disc can be opened and the diamonds removed because each diamond is easily identifiable and cross-referenced to its GIA report. Opening a DVD Disc does not alter the identity or value of the diamonds within.

For further information, please read sample text on GIA and Gemprint reports.


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