Frequently Asked Questions

What makes diamonds unique?

Diamonds have always been coveted for their beauty. They are also the most compact, unique form of wealth on earth. They are the hardest natural substance known to humanity — a form of wealth not dependent on governments, banks, or any institution. Diamonds are the ultimate discreet compact form of wealth you physically possess. Prices are historically non-volatile and diamonds have shown a consistent rate of growth.


What is a Defined Value Diamond (DVD)? 

At Rand, we have taken the oldest, most durable form of wealth known to humankind and brought it into the 21st century by taking the guesswork out of diamond selection and valuation — therefore the name, Defined Value Diamonds. We utilize our knowledge and cutting-edge analytic tools to objectively define to a set standard the four key elements that make up a diamond’s value. Our gemologists then hand-select diamonds that are of the size, type, and quality that have been in constant global demand for good liquidity. Our clients purchase Defined Value Diamonds (DVDs) for gifting, security, wealth diversification and even as a great way to buy diamonds for jewelry.


What makes a DVD the perfect gift? 

Since the dawn of human civilization diamonds have been coveted for their beauty and as a compact, secure form of wealth preservation. Diamonds are a unique legacy gift. They are something to be remembered by through the generations that you can have the pleasure of gifting now.


Why is there a need in the marketplace for Defined Value Diamonds (DVDs)? 

Whether you buy diamonds to gift, keep, set in jewelry or for wealth preservation, Rand saw the need to be able to buy the right diamonds for the right price in a straightforward manner. Additionally, in today’s world of uncertainty, economic tightropes, paper currency, flat currencies, lack of privacy, and bulk data, there is a great need for a solid asset that is not dependent on governments or banks, something that is easily tradable globally. Most importantly, unlike most investments, diamonds are tangible — something you physically possess.


Are diamonds a good diversification investment?

Diamonds are the ultimate ‘what if?’ form of compact wealth. In this digital age, where just about everything exists in an electronic medium and privacy has become a rare commodity, diamonds are a tangible asset so concentrated that you can hold as much value as you want in the palm of your hand. Diamonds are an asset that comes without the burden of fees or management costs, wealth that’s so discreet only you know that you possess it — compact, and off the grid. Freely tradable globally, you can hold onto diamonds as a financial safety net, sell them, or hand them off to the next generation easily and with confidence because of their timeless value and durability.


What is the average rate of appreciation for diamonds?

Defined Value Diamond (DVD) quality stones have appreciated at an average rate of 5% per annum.


How long has Rand Diamond Inc. been in business? 

Our company was started in 1948, almost 70 years ago, on the diamond fields of South Africa. The third generation established Rand Diamond Inc. in the US in 2010 in order to supply high-end retailers directly.


What is the GIA? 

The GIA is the Gemological Institute of America, a non-profit laboratory that established all the modern diamond grading standards in 1950. The GIA provides the Rolls Royce of grading reports, and the reason why every time you see a multi-million-dollar diamond for sale it always comes with a GIA report. In short, the GIA is the global standard for grading diamonds


Is each DVD diamond 100% identifiable?

Yes. Each DVD diamond comes with a GIA grading report identifying its characteristics. In addition, each DVD diamond has a Gemprint ID which is that specific diamond’s unique fingerprint. This makes each and every DVD diamond totally identifiable now and in the future.


What does Triple Excellent mean?

Triple Excellent refers to the standard and quality to which a diamond is cut. There are four components that determine the value of a diamond: color, clarity (or purity), carat weight, and cut. The carat weight of a diamond is objective. GIA grading gives you the color and the clarity. In the past, the cut or the precision of polish of a diamond was a variable. Today, we have a standard for the cut as well, the best being Triple Excellent. This removes the last great variable for determining the value of a diamond.


What is a DVD Disc? 

A DVD Disc is a secure, portable vault that fits in the palm of your hand for storing and displaying Defined Value Diamonds. Each DVD Disc is bespoke and configured to meet each individual’s requirements. The disc itself is crafted out of the material of your choice, whether that be the standard stainless steel, platinum, non-metallic or other material.


How many diamonds are housed in a DVD Disc? 

DVD Discs house either one or three diamonds, depending on our client’s preference. The most popular is a three-diamond Disc.


What types of certificates are provided with DVD Discs?

Each DVD Disc comes with a GIA grading report and a Gemprint ID for every diamond. In addition, all discs come with a Rand Certificate that lists each diamond’s characteristics, as well as the corresponding GIA and Gemprint ID numbers.


How do I know exactly what I am really getting within the Disc?

Each DVD diamond housed within all of our DVD Discs comes with two sets of third-party verification documents — the GIA Grading Report and a Gemprint ID. The GIA does more than grade diamonds, they vet diamonds against any possible man-made treatment. In addition, the GIA issues only one report per diamond — ever. The Gemprint ID number identifies the diamond’s unique fingerprint and cross-references the GIA report. The reports you receive for the diamonds in your Disc match the exact diamonds housed within.

Gemprint uses a non-invasive process whereby light is used to establish each diamonds unique fingerprint. As with human fingerprints, no two are exactly the same. With Gemprint, your DVD Disc can be opened and the diamonds removed because each diamond is easily identifiable and cross-referenced to its GIA report. Opening a DVD Disc does not alter the identity or value of the diamonds within.


How much does a DVD Disc cost? 

The price of each DVD Disc reflects the quantity (1-3), quality, and carat weight of the diamonds inside the disc. Our clients pay the PTP price for each diamond — essentially the same price high-end retailers pay suppliers for their diamonds.


What does Polished Trade Pricing (PTP) mean?

The Polished Trade Price (PTP) is the price a jewelry retailer will pay a polisher or “to the trade only” dealer for the same quality diamonds. Think of it as the wholesale price, typically less than half of what the same diamonds cost when sold as jewelry from a store.


Are there differently priced tiers for DVDs? 

DVDs are available in a wide range of prices depending upon your goals.


Can I customize my DVD Disc? 

Yes, you can, and we encourage you to contact us at Rand to discuss a DVD disc that best suits your needs and desires. Call:



Can I gift a DVD to someone else? 

DVDs make the ultimate gift. Simply give them to whomever you wish. You can also open your Disc and set the diamonds in jewelry.


Can I buy Defined Value Diamonds (DVDs) through my Financial Advisor? 

Yes you can. If your Financial Advisor is not yet aware of DVD quality diamonds, ask them to contact us for more information.


Where and how can I purchase Defined Value Diamonds (DVDs)?

Defined Value Diamonds (DVDs) are sold exclusively by Rand Diamond Inc. You can purchase one or several DVD Discs by simply calling us toll free at: 1 (888) 818-7552 (+1 (646) 669-7057 International).


Why is there a discount of 3% for direct wire transfers? 

With direct wire transfers, this discount reflects the costs and fees credit card companies charge us. With direct transfers there are no such fees and we pass the savings on to you.


Do I physically possess the DVD Disc, or am I purchasing DVD stock certificates?

The beauty of DVD diamonds is that you physically possess an extremely compact, globally tradable asset of almost any value you desire. DVDs are the actual diamonds, never just paper.


Can I return my DVD Disc(s) for a full refund?

Yes, you have 10 days to return your Disc that contains the original DVD Diamonds for a full refund. Compare that to other investments.


How can I resell my DVD Disc(s)?

Because the characteristics of every DVD diamond are definable, Rand is able to offer you our unparalleled Resale Promise. Simply contact us and we will get the process started to enable you to receive the current PTP price.


What is Rand’s Resale Promise? 

When you wish to sell your DVD diamonds, Rand Diamonds Inc. will do so for you so that you can get the then-current PTP price, making the process easy and simple.


How can I keep track of the performance value of my DVD diamonds?

Because each DVD diamond is definable, simply call us at 1 (888) 818-7552 (+1 (646) 669-7057 International). with the serial number of your DVD Disk and we can give you a current market PTP.


Can I set my DVD diamonds into jewelry?

Yes, DVD diamonds are the same quality the best high-end retailers use in their jewelry. The individual DVD diamond’s value does not alter when you set it in jewelry. Some clients find that DVD diamonds are a great way to buy diamonds to set in jewelry.


Aren’t you in conflict with retailers?

Even though the price you pay is the same price a high-end retailer pays us (the PTP), we are not in conflict with our retailer clients because we are not in the business of designing and selling jewelry. DVDs are purchased with a different purpose in mind.


Why is my 2-year old diamond jewelry worth less than I paid? 

When buying diamonds in jewelry from a retailer you typically paying a 50% markup on the diamonds, plus the metal costs and the costs to design, produce and promote the jewelry. Yet at resale, the buyer will consider the real value of your jewelry to be the value of the metal and the wholesale price (PTP) of the diamond. Please refer to the “Diamond Value in Jewelry” chart on the Polished Trade Pricing page.

When you buy DVD diamonds you are buying at the wholesale (PTP) price, and therefore any appreciation in the value of the diamond is yours.


Does any other company sell DVD discs?

DVDs are sold only through Rand Diamonds Inc. and our authorized dealers.


Can I find the same quality diamonds at another online site?

Yes, but rarely, because very few will actually be GIA certified and GIA graded Triple Excellent. In addition, non-DVD Diamonds may have other characteristics that could have an effect on value, nor are they likely to have the additional security of Gemprint. Lastly, non-DVD diamonds may not be vetted for investment quality and resale. The beauty of buying from Rand, is that we are solely in the business of selling Defined Value Diamonds, which means all the homework is done for you— plus, you are paying only the PTP price.


Where can I resell my DVD diamonds if I am abroad?

If you’re abroad simply contact us and we will arrange for you to resell your DVD diamonds through a DVD-Authorized Agent.


Is there a limit to how many DVDs I can purchase?

There is no limit to the number of DVDs you can purchase.


Are DVD diamond values based on the GIA. Is it fail proof? Does it ever change for a diamond?

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) established their color and purity standards in the 1950’s. Those standards don’t change. Some non-GIA labs may use the same terminology, but not necessarily the same standards as GIA.

We start with GIA as the baseline, we then grade each DVD to a tighter set of tolerances, so we do not accept the lower tolerance range of GIA grading as meeting DVD quality. For example, on color or purity we would not accept the lower tolerance of acceptance of GIA for a color or purity.  We also only consider diamonds polished to a triple excellent standard and certified as such. Even here we more narrowly define what we accept. This means in the future no one will look at the diamond and say, yes it’s a GIA G but a low G etc.

We uniquely offer our resale promise, DVD diamonds must have the same grades now 10 years from now 20 years from now.


Getting the right price is important. What is the discount I would receive off of the Rapaport Diamond Price Report for a particular diamond if I bought it from you? What is your mark up on the PTP?

Buying the right diamond at the right price is crucially important for an investment diamond. You could possibly find a non-GIA diamond online for less. You may even find a GIA diamond listed with some similar grades for what seems like less. But, are they Triple Excellent cut grades? Are they of the type typically used for engagement purposes? Or do they of some less liquid qualities? Have they been vetted to make sure they are well within GIA tolerance ranges? If I search for something online meeting DVD quality, I literally have to look though hundreds, if not thousands of diamonds to find one, and the few that seem to meet the standard on paper cost more.

Depending on what you choose, DVD diamonds are discounted anywhere from a 15% – 25% below Rapaport prices. You pay the PTP. We add no markup. You pay the same price for the same quality diamonds our high-end retail clients pay us.


What does the 100-year history of diamond values look like when corrected for inflation? e.g. in 1929.

If you look at the Diamond Price Economics page of our website there are a number of graphs which show diamond prices over time, as well as projected diamond production. If you would like to call we can go into greater detail about diamond price dynamics. How it works and how it reacts to events locally and globally. We address 1929 in some detail below.


How stable are diamond prices?

In the last recession polished diamond prices fell 20-25% and less than one year later had fully recovered. That is because the diamond market is a balance of supply and demand. When prices drop, mining output drops precipitously as most mines cannot operate below a certain price level. Therefore, within a year diamond prices had fully recovered  — and as you can see in the site graph under Diamond Economics diamonds have superseded their 2007 peak by almost 50%.

If 1929 happened again, your diamonds might initially fall a little, but far less than other investments. They would probably be your best store of wealth. With a drop in demand, output would also drop. There would be a general flight to tangible assets and then diamond prices would surge, much as they did in the late 1970s. I would be more worried about a diamond price bubble.

Diamonds are a tangible asset, something you physically maintain possession of. What would paper investments be worth in the event of another 1929? Even FDIC insured money in the bank. If there were a crisis would they let you withdraw all of your funds? What would paper currency be worth? Look what has happened in other countries when governments become very short of money. They taxed pensions and the cash in bank accounts.

The real takeaway is that DVD quality diamonds have incrementally grown 5% per year. Demand is increasing and future supply is decreasing. They are a secure “peace of mind” investment, not a short-term play. Diamonds also make great gifts, whether given generationally, to a spouse or friends. Putting DVDs in jewelry will not alter the individual diamonds value because they are all Gemprinted. They are one of the few investments you can actually enjoy.


DVD has been in existence for only a short time. Do you have the financial stability to buy and sell back?

Our company began in South Africa in 1948. I am the third generation. Our parent company Rand Diamond has been supplying our high quality diamonds to top-end retail clients directly in the USA since 2010. Rand Diamond developed DVDs specifically to sell to private individuals the same diamonds our top-end retail clients buy at the same price they pay. DVDs are new only to the extent they are now being offered directly as an investment to the public .

We developed DVDs to be the right diamonds at the right price. Even if you chose to resell your diamond through someone other than Rand that doesn’t change. We offer our Resale Policy to eliminate the complication of reselling. Maybe more importantly, if you resell through us you get the the current PTP.


What is the optimal weight and clarity for investment purposes 

DVDs are all based on the sizes and purities that are in the highest demand globally for engagement purposes. This guarantees liquidity in the growing market demand for engagement appropriate diamonds.


Should I buy a disc with only one or three diamonds? Is there a discount for three?

One or three diamonds in a DVD Disc is solely a function of your preferences and budget. Call us and we can go over your various options. For example, some of our customers choose to have discs made with one 2ct diamond and two 1ct diamonds. It’s really a function of personal preference.

We will not put any diamond into a DVD Disc that does not meet stringent DVD standards. That means it must start with a GIA Triple Excellent grade, been vetted by us to our tighter tolerances, and be of the type that is in global demand for engagement purposes.

The price you pay for a DVD Diamond is the PTP. Whether you buy one diamond, or three, one disc or twelve. The PTP is the price you pay for each diamond. The same price a retailer pays us for the same quality diamonds.

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