In the last ten years, the value of DVD quality diamonds has grown steadily at an average of 5% per year. With increasing global wealth/demand and declining mine output, the future looks even brighter.

As the hardest substance known to man, diamonds are virtually indestructible. Their ability to preserve wealth is unparalleled. It is not surprising then, that for thousands of years, diamonds have been the ultimate store of wealth.

Perhaps the last remaining form of wealth you can physically possess. In this digital age, where just about everything exists in an electronic medium and privacy has become a rare commodity, imagine a tangible asset so concentrated, you can hold as much value as you want in the palm of your hand. An asset that comes without the burdens of fees or management costs, wealth that’s so discreet and off the grid, only you’ll know that you possess it. Diamonds are not reliant on governments, banks, or any institution. Freely tradable globally, you can hold onto diamonds as a financial safety net, sell them, or hand them off to the next generation easily and with confidence because of their timeless value.

There is nothing virtual about a Defined Value Diamond (DVD). A DVD Diamond, it’s as real as real can get. Unlike most investments that are primarily paper and electronic data entries, a DVD is real. You can hold it in your hand, admire its fire, and appreciate its indestructible quality and value. Best of all, you take physical possession of a Defined Value Diamond (DVD) and take it with you wherever you go. Gift it to whomever you choose. Put it into jewelry. Or keep your DVD and let it appreciate, until you wish to sell it.

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