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Everyone knows that diamonds are valuable and desirable, yet for all of their unique benefits, in the past they’ve had two perceived drawback. Most individuals did not have the ability to accurately define a diamond’s characteristics, quality, marketability, and therefore — its value. Now, with Defined Value Diamonds (DVDs) you can easily buy the right, most resalable diamonds at the correct price — whether to keep, gift, trade, or sell in the future.

What are Defined Value Diamonds (DVDs)?

Just like the name says, Defined Value Diamonds (DVDs) are hand-selected diamonds polished to strict specifications and definable standards. All are of the type that have shown to be in constant global demand. All DVDs are backed by full GIA certification and our 70 years of experience. All are rated Triple Excellent cut grade and are also subject to our own investment standard vetting process. Working directly with you, we take the guesswork out of the selection and valuation process.

The value and benefits of all Defined Value Diamonds (DVDs) are unassailable. For the first time ever, Rand makes it possible for you to purchase globally in-demand diamonds safely and accurately at the Polished Trade Price — both for current purchase and future resale.

Our 70 years of expertise guarantees the quality and value of your DVD purchase.

Every DVD Disc contains one to three diamonds that are globally in demand. Each DVD is carefully selected for consistency, quality, and value. And, each comes with its own GIA certificate, plus an additional series of inspections by a Rand DVD gemologist, whose standards are even higher than the GIA’s, and who ensures that the diamond comfortably meets its defined characteristics.


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