All Defined Value Diamonds are Gemprinted for Optimum Security

For an added level of security every DVD diamond is Gemprinted. A Gemprint is essentially a diamond’s unique fingerprint, just as unique as a human fingerprint.

Additionally, each Defined Value Diamond (DVD) comes with its own GIA Grading Report/Certificate that identifies all of the characteristics of the diamond including cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. If you purchase a Disc with three diamonds, you will receive three separate GIA Certificates, one for each diamond therein.

IMPORTANT: Do not lose your GIA Certificate because for security reasons GIA does not reissue lost certificates. Each diamond can only match one certificate and vice versa.

All of the GIA Certificates and paperwork associated with each DVD will accompany your DVD Disc(s)

Every DVD Disc comes with its own DVD Certificate identifying the diamond(s) within, including each diamond’s Gemprint ID, GIA Serial Number, and individual characteristics. All of the DVD Discs you purchase from us will be shipped to you with an insured carrier.


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