Any time you wish to monetize/sell your DVD Disc(s), simply contact us at </p>1 (888) 818-7552 (+1 (646) 669-7057 International) or email us, and we will issue you a resale confirmation number. Once you have received your resale confirmation number, simply return your DVD Disc(s) to us via insured FedEx, and we will sell them for you at the then current Polished Trade Price (PTP) on the global market.

Our resale fees are simple:

For profit up to 5% we charge no fees.

For each percent profit above 5% we charge a ¼% fee which is capped (see below). For example, if your DVD diamonds sell for a 10% profit, VanZwam would only earn a 1.25% fee, and your return on your investment will be 8.75%.

Diamonds are a long-term investment. For short term owners of less than one year who wish to sell, we charge a 5% fee, or ¼% of profit whichever is greater.

Our total possible fee is capped at a maximum of 10%, so we do not earn beyond our cap on large gains to you.

Please Note: For any resale to take pace you must return the original diamonds and Certificate(s) supplied by us. GIA does not reissue lost Certificates. VanZwam LLC inspects all resale diamonds for verification. If the DVDs you ship to us for resale do not match the DVD purchase document(s) or the diamonds therein have been altered or switched, VanZwam reserves the right to deny any re-sales. Diamond verification is determined by our gemologist examining the returned diamonds and matching them to the GIA Certificate(s). In addition, we check the individual laser identification number when it is etched into the girdle of a diamond and we match every diamond to its GemPrint.
We respect your privacy. VanZwam LLC does not store or share our clients’ information. We keep only copies of DVD Certificate information by serial number. GIA does not reissue lost certificates. For this reason, we strongly advise you to keep your DVD Certificate(s). Lost Certificates require a diamond to be resubmitted to the GIA fir grading, whereupon a wholly new Certificate will be issued. GIA processing time and fees are the responsibility of the owner.
If you do not wish to resell you DVDs through us, we can suggest reputable associated companies here and abroad that may offer you PTP pricing. You can choose to bring your DVD diamonds to any reputable retailer or jeweler worldwide to sell. However, there is no guarantee that every jeweler will offer you the current PTP global market price, which is something we will always do.
Please Note: All Defined Value Diamonds (DVDs) are round. Globally, diamonds are a dollar denominated asset.
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