Only the brightest, most globally desirable diamonds. Up until now it’s been difficult to purchase or sell diamonds for wealth preservation because diamond qualities and valuation had not been objective and standardized.

You may have seen diamonds purchased for $1 million or more for luxury or as an investment. A $1 million diamond is a huge single investment and often difficult to resell. Whatever your desired value, at Rand we select diamonds of the size and type that have a track record of global demand. This makes DVDs very liquid and offers you the best appreciation potential.

Triple Excellent Rated. Defined Value Diamonds (DVDs) are the most in-demand, investment quality, resalable diamonds in the world. DVD Discs contain only Triple Excellent cut grades and qualities in global demand, all checked by us and backed by the GIA Certificate. The price you pay is the Polished Trade Price (PTP); the same price a top end retail brand would pay to buy diamonds of this quality from us.


A 70-year history selling to the world’s finest high-end retail brands. In addition to GIA Certification, we provide our clients with an added level of assurance. Every DVD diamond is inspected by our own gemologist before it is sold in order to ensure that every characteristic noted by the GIA meets our own higher standards. We eliminate any diamonds that we deem unsuitable for investment purposes.

Un-knockable! DVDs take the guesswork out of purchasing diamonds. If you ever desire to sell, you can rest assured that we will re-sell your DVDs at the then current Polished Trade Price (PTP). While we do not recommend buying diamonds as a short term investment, between 2004 and 2014, DVD quality diamonds have shown a steady 5% per annum growth.


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